A REALTOR® plays an incredibly crucial role in helping homeowners during the short sale process. Without extensive knowledge of potential short sale sellers in the first place, however, it can be challenging to know where to begin. Luckily, we've got a quick guide on the four best ways for REALTORS® to find short sales.


Use a Multiple Listing Service

A Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is already one of the most dependable resources for discovering short sales. You can tailor your searches to locate precisely what you want in this extensive database of short-sale postings. However, even with these tools, you may not always be able to identify a short sale listing unless you already know what details to look out for.


Search Through Court House Records

Lenders often file a notice of default after several months of mortgage non-payment, which can become available information. You might be able to find these pre-foreclosures in public records at your local courthouse. You could also try to get in touch with title firms, the County Recorder's office, or national or local list providers for a charge.


Use a Search Engine

You can do a quick online search for short sale listings in your area. Just type the search term "short sales" along with the area you're in to pull up potential property listings. You might also try to use third-party platforms to search for potential sellers.


Work With Experts With Extensive Short Sale Experience

While a REALTOR® might find short sales on their own, they may not have the knowledge or know-how to do so consistently or proceed after they've found one. Finding a professional company, like Short Sale Cooperative, that works exclusively with short sales eliminates the hassle and puts you directly in touch with listings.

Hopefully this quick guide on the four best ways for REALTORS® to find short sales helps to illuminate potential solutions. Just know that working with the short sale experts at Short Sale Cooperative makes the entire process incredibly straightforward, and we’re here to help every step of the way. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our services