You want to know that you can depend on your real estate agent when you're navigating the tricky short sale process. When you have an experienced professional helping, you can make a stark difference when getting approval from your lender, convincing buyers to make deals, and much more. Continue reading to discover four reasons to work with a qualified short sale agent.


Experience Matters

Because short sales only make up a fraction of real estate transactions, you can quickly come across real estate agents who have extraordinarily little or no experience working with these types of processes. These agents may not know the most effective strategies for maximizing your potential for closing out a short sale. In supporting you, qualified specialists with extensive experience finalizing short sales will undoubtedly outperform their inexperienced counterparts.


Has Preexisting Relationships To Rely On

While some exceptions exist, most qualified real estate agents have already worked with many major banks for previous short sales. These pre-existing relationships are invaluable when it comes to securing approvals. These individuals will have inside knowledge of what each bank is looking for in terms of paperwork, and the best ways to make your appeal.


Understands Your Neighborhood

Agents who have already helped facilitate short sales in your neighborhood give you even more of an advantage. You must consider the property prices in the area surrounding your own house to improve your odds of approval, and local real estate agents will bring this information to the table. That's much less research you need to do on your own in a period where you may not have the time to do so.


Much More Appealing to Buyers

People may be hesitant to pursue buying homes from a short sale. Going with a well-respected short sale agent can help put both potential buyers and their real estate agents at ease. That can help make them much more comfortable with submitting an offer.

When it comes to completing your short sale, recognizing these four reasons to work with a qualified short sale agent will help you succeed. The experts at Short Sale Cooperative work with the most experienced and well-equipped real estate agents to help maximize your closing opportunity. Furthermore, we can assist you in breaking down tricky concepts, such as short selling your house vs. foreclosure, so that you can be sure you're making the best decisions possible.