What to Look for in a Short Sale Negotiation

If you’re considering the short sale process for your mortgage, it’s important to know what to look for in a short sale negotiation. Don’t go into this process alone—find an expert with the right knowledge and qualifications to help you through the short sale process. Find out more below on what to consider in a short sale expert.


Communication is key for all parties when it comes to navigating a short sale. The short sale process itself can be complex and difficult to understand. Look for a short sale negotiator who is open in their communication and willing to explain the process in full every step of the way.

This knowledge comes with experience, so you should also consider the experience level of the agent or negotiator you hope to work with. An experienced short sale negotiator will be able to help you pass through the negotiation stages as quickly and as hassle free as possible.

Experience in Short Sale Negotiation

Speaking of experience, the experience level of your sales specialist can go a long way. The short sale process can be new and daunting to many homeowners, so it’s important to have an experienced specialist to back you up. More experienced short sale specialists will have greater reputations and be dedicated to helping you close your sale. For example, our short sale negotiators here at Short Sale Cooperative can make the process as expedient as possible, with as little paperwork and hassle as necessary.

An Understanding of the Market

Another consideration to make even before the negotiation stage of your short sale begins is the state of the market. You’ll need a short sale agent who will be able to help you gauge the market and the value of your home. It’s also helpful for your short sale agent to be familiar with the local real estate market. They should also have greater insight into bank expectations and buyer and seller offers. Knowing your sales agent has local experience and understands the market can give you some much-needed peace of mind during the negotiation process.

When you’re considering the short sale negotiation process, it’s important to have all the information and help you can get. We hope this has explained what to look for in a short sale negotiation and negotiation expert. Our experts at Short Sale Cooperative cover all the above qualities and more to provide you with the most professional and thorough help during your short sale process.

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